Detroit Auto Show: Hyundai Reveals Genesis Sedan, Disrupts Industry

Hyundai execs refer to their new Genesis luxo-sedan as an "industry disruption." It's the same kind of disruption, they say, Lexus achieved back when Japanese luxury cars in America were as much a nonentity as, well, Korean luxury cars in America. Nonetheless, most of you already know the details: Rear-drive, 375bhp,… » 1/13/08 4:47pm 1/13/08 4:47pm

More Pics Of The Hyundai Genesis, SUSSUDIO!

We've got more hi-res pics of the Hyundai Genesis than you can shake an 8-inch LCD nav display at. We've cleverly divided them into exterior and interior, so you, dear reader, can decide were Hyundai stole borrowed from their predecessors. Hey, we're not hating. Good designers borrow, great designers outright steal… » 1/08/08 10:45am 1/08/08 10:45am

Detroit Auto Show: 2009 Hyundai Genesis Sedan To Challenge Luxury…

(ED NOTE: Mucho many pics of the Hyundai Genesis are here for your invisible touch) We finally have the details and official pics of the 2009 Hyundai Genesis, the RWD luxury automobile that promises to challenge $60,000 luxury autos at half the price (no shock, it looks like the Genesis we already showed you). The… » 1/08/08 12:01am 1/08/08 12:01am