Everyone Gene Haas Speaks To At Ferrari Gets Canned

One bizarre consequence of Ferrari's sack-a-palooza: Gene Haas. The Haas Formula One team will use Ferrari engines in 2016, and as such, Gene Haas has been working closely with Ferrari. In an interview with Leigh Diffey, Haas mentioned, "Whoever I spoke to [at Ferrari] got fired! I better stop speaking to people." »12/06/14 9:59am12/06/14 9:59am


NASCAR Owner Can't Outrun Tax Man, Going to Jail

Gene Haas, owner of Haas CNC Racing, is going to the pokey after admitting to one count of tax fraud. A court in Los Angeles handed down the sentence yesterday after a plea-bargain that resulted in Haas paying more than $70 million to the feds to make his tax problem go away. He's going to have to spend 85% of his two… »11/06/07 12:45pm11/06/07 12:45pm