Cars that time forgot - Geo Storm GSi

I decided to go in a slightly different route this time as the car in question today is neither a 1-year only special edition nor is it a limited production unicorn. In fact, the Geo Storm can be found relatively easy by CTTF standards. The GSi is by no means common, but with production numbers in the thousands it is… » 3/21/14 3:50pm 3/21/14 3:50pm

Who Needs An Aircraft Carrier?

A paraglider setup was tested a possible landing solution for Project Gemini. The capsule was, infact, intended to land that way, but was changed to go with the more conventional splashdown. Gliding in allowed for a potentially softer landing for the spacecraft and crew and saved on the costs of deploying an aircraft… » 11/10/13 9:33pm 11/10/13 9:33pm

Unique Photo Shows the Ridiculous Size of America's First Spaceships

One of the things that always shocks me when I go to the Kennedy Space Center is the tiny size of the Mercury (left) and Gemini (right) capsules—the missions that jumpstarted the American space exploration program. This unique photo clearly shows how ridiculous these tin cans are. » 6/01/13 9:22am 6/01/13 9:22am

This Is The Best Actual Spaceship To Make Into A Car

You know how sometimes you get a really stupid idea in your head, and it won't just go away until you, somehow, act upon it? Not only is this the story behind 90% of swastika tattoos, but it's also the story behind this post you're reading right now. In this case, the idea is this simple question: if you had to make… » 3/06/13 11:59am 3/06/13 11:59am

Massive Massiveosity, Thy Name is Crawler-Transporter

Their nicknames are "Hans" und "Franz," and yes, they are far from styro-puff faux Austrian bodybuilders. They're NASA's twin Crawler-Transporters; machines that make the run from the hangar to the launch pad for many of America's most important space vehicles. Gobsmacking facts: The duo are the largest self-powered… » 6/13/07 3:30pm 6/13/07 3:30pm

Classic Acrobatics: Isuzu Gemini Ad from Japan

Metafilter brings us this classic Isuzu ad from Japan, a showcase of extreme car acrobatics that make Mazda's Zoom-Zoom feats look like just another busy morning on I-95. We're not sure when the ad was produced, but as one MF commenter points out, the Isuzu Gemini models featured are circa 1985. Seriously, watch it —… » 12/31/05 8:21am 12/31/05 8:21am