German TV Network To Get Oscar Winners To Name-Drop In A GeigerCars Escalade

ProSieben, Germany's second-biggest television network, is all about American star-humping. With a motto of "we love to entertain you," the network is largely dependent on US-copyrighted shows and movies. It's a network well-known for running promos and lead-ins for the shows featuring the 'merican stars and cast… »2/17/07 2:25pm2/17/07 2:25pm

The Only Place Col. John Smith Would Drive This is Through a Wall: The Geiger H2 Hannibal

25,000 euros in engine mods and you don't even get the blower? This, friends, is what we call taking advantage of the rich and stupid. It's essentally a port and polish job with a lumpier cam and sturdier valvetrain. Then, you can feel free to spend the extra ducats on a supercharger to get the adverised 598… »6/23/06 3:38am6/23/06 3:38am