Geiger Ford F650 Is A Bit Late To The Game

The first thought that comes to mind when taking a step back to look at the Geiger F650 is that this mechanical monstrosity is gonna be mighty thirsty for fuel. While it may not be powered by mere petrol, keep in mind that in most places diesel fuel actually costs more nowadays. Sure, you get over 737 lb-ft of torque… » 5/02/08 6:00pm 5/02/08 6:00pm

Santa Laughing Spreads His Wings: The Geiger H2 Sleigh Thingy

By the spirit of Charlie Brown's Tannenbaum, we simply cannot believe this thing. The folks at Geiger Cars infused this H2 with little in the way of Bruce and a whole lot in the way of bombast. 3,800 watts of goodwill in the stereo, McMerc-style doors, a faux-bearskin rug and a red leather couch in the back —… » 12/04/06 10:30pm 12/04/06 10:30pm