Chinese Tuner Builds Ferrari "Ch-Enzo" Out Of Geely Coupe

We've seen our fair share of fake Ferrari Enzos and Chinese clones, but this Chinese-built copy of a $650,000 Ferrari Enzo made from a Geely Beauty Leopard is a first for us. We dub thee — "Chen-Zo." » 6/12/09 5:15pm 6/12/09 5:15pm

The Ten Ugliest Cars Sold Outside The United States

We've already shown you our list of the ten ugliest cars currently sold in the United States. Although epic, it meant exclusion of some fantastically ugly cars sold only on the international marketplace. Until now. After scouring the globe from Australia to Russia, these are the ten top cars that make us want to… » 7/25/08 12:00pm 7/25/08 12:00pm