Ten Page Gallery of Internet-Themed Vanity Plates

We can't tell which is more sad, the ten pages of vanity plates all referencing some form of geekdom and Internet speak; or the fact that we could interpret almost all of them right away. For reasons unknowable, the Internet License Plate Gallery offers a compendium of the what the world's nerds consider appropriateā€¦ » 2/13/08 4:30pm 2/13/08 4:30pm

What's The Geekiest Car Thing You've Done Lately?

Besides spending countless hours on a blog devoted to any and everything with four wheels, of course. I just got back from supper with a fellow auto-journo and with the lone exception of ordering food, our conversation didn't deviate from cars for a second. "Is a 208 even a Ferrari? I mean, come on!" Ourā€¦ » 5/24/07 12:15pm 5/24/07 12:15pm