Exercises in Pluggage: New Issue of Gearhead Out Now

Bumbeck and myself can both count Gearhead as a cornerstone in our auto-writing careers. Mike's contributed to it for years, and I edited a few issues, a task that nearly drove me straight to the booby hatch and ultimately led me to Jalopnik's door. Also of note, Gearhead founder Mike LaVella bestowed the nickname… » 1/12/07 6:30pm 1/12/07 6:30pm

Mercedes-Benz Audio Crapfest, Jalopnik Contest, Day 6: The Winners!

You thought the taunting would never end, didn't you? Well, it's here, and we've got a winner. Class, meet Stephen. He came up with a dizzying array of music all well-suited to the 1999 Mercedes-Benz CLR LeMans prototype racer. What makes Stephen's entry better than all the rest is not just the diversity of his song… » 9/29/05 5:54pm 9/29/05 5:54pm

Mercedes-Benz Audio Crapfest, Jalopnik Contest, Day 5!

Today we've got two playlists that are so incredibly great that if y'all don't step up right away, they're definitely gonna walk away with the the runner-up prizes. We're announcing the winner tomorrow, but you've still got time. If you think you can outdo these two, by all means, give it a shot. You'll walk off with… » 9/28/05 4:54pm 9/28/05 4:54pm

Mercedes-Benz Audio Crapfest, Jalopnik Contest, Day 3!

Okay kids, we're into day three of our rock 'n' roll playlist contest. Keep sending 'em in, and we'll keep critiquing your submissions. The deadline's Wednesday evening. The prizes are courtesy of the fine folks at Gearhead Records and include a t-shirt of your choice, as well as some choice slabs of rock 'n' roll.… » 9/26/05 2:23pm 9/26/05 2:23pm

Mercedes-Benz Audio Crapfest, Jalopnik Contest, Day 2!

Who's got the most discerning car-obsessed readers on the web? Us, duh. This was proven yesterday when we initiated the first round of our latest Jalopnik contest, inviting readers to send in fifteen-song playlists to be paired with a Mercedes vehicle of their choice from any point in history. Gearhead Records, the… » 9/23/05 3:15pm 9/23/05 3:15pm