Aussie Gear Shop Saint Aims To Make Motorcycle Denim That's 'Unbreakable'

Motorcyclists are an odd bunch, and no issue is more divisive amongst us than gear—especially when it comes to anything less than ATGATT. Obviously, impact resistance is the most important in protecting us from serious or catastrophic injury, but abrasion resistance is required in a much higher percentage of offs. So…

Here's The Adventure Gear I Wore To Test The Honda Africa Twin, And How It Held Up

I just got back from riding one of the most anticipated bikes of the year, the all new Honda Africa Twin, all over South Africa. But riding an adventure bike requires wearing the right kind gear. Some of the pieces of gear I used were incredibly impressive, while others really let me down. Here’s what you need to know…


The New Materials That Are Revolutionizing Helmet Safety Right Now

Modern helmet construction hasn't changed significantly since the adoption of styrofoam impact absorption in the 1960s. But new materials and construction methods are improving safety, in some cases absorbing 30 percent more energy than their styrofoam equivalents. And you can buy helmets made from them today.