Is This The Incredibly Creepy Noise Of Hamas Burrowing Beneath Your House?

Tunnels under the Gaza Strip’s borders have been used to smuggle everything from food to cocaine to cars to feed the Palestinian economy. But Hamas, the Palestinian group that rules over Gaza, has used tunnels to launch surprise attacks on Israeli territory in the past. Now, Israeli residents are saying they hear


Hamas Says It Has Captured An Israeli Spy Dolphin Off The Coast Of Gaza

Reportedly a cetacean commando working for the Israeli Defense Forces was caught by Hamas operatives as it was making suspicious movements off the coast of Gaza. When Hamas combat divers (I had no idea they had such a thing) examined the dolphin spy, they said it was strapped with a camera, a monitoring device and an…

Israeli Commandos Find A Boatload Of Rockets Under Iranian Cement

Israel is well known for their maritime raiding capabilities, a common tactic used to interdict cargo, or personnel, aboard ships that the Mossad deems as a threat to the homeland, sometimes to a controversial degree. Yet there is little controversy about the validity of the Israeli Navy's mission yesterday, one that…