Chrysler's Eminem “Imported From Detroit” Super Bowl ad is amazing

Wow. I can't believe how amazing the Super Bowl ad from Chrysler starring Eminem is that just aired. With a tagline of "Imported from Detroit," the commercial seriously gave me chills. » 2/06/11 9:00pm 2/06/11 9:00pm

Taiwanese animators take on "Top Gear" Mexican standoff

The appropriate "punishment" for Top Gear's slurs against Mexicans has arrived: sweatshop-rate Taiwanese computer animation showing poorly-made avatars of the three hosts pelted by burritos and neon-green butt gas. Even Esteban, everyone? » 2/04/11 5:30pm 2/04/11 5:30pm

The Japanese ruin Lamborghinis for everyone

The Diablo is one long, mean piece of Italian muscle, and these rich Japanese trend-obsessed Lambotaku have managed to ruin at least four of them, as well as a host of other racing bulls. Strobes? LED lights? Dragon graphics? Chrome wheels? Someone stop them. Someone stop them now. » 2/03/11 1:00pm 2/03/11 1:00pm

Watch This Shifting Madman In A Lancia Delta S4

The art of the hillclimb is one of loose limbs, intense focus and raw power. Combine those and you've got a stopwatch-murdering time, as long as you've got the shifting skills (and accuracy) of an overclocked cyborg. Watch. » 1/28/11 2:45pm 1/28/11 2:45pm

Watch Dozens Of Cars Crash On Iciest Hill Ever

First, watch this video from yesterday out of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania neighborhood of Squirrel Hill, as cars fly out of control down an icy hill, crashing into hapless parked cars below. Then be happy you don't live on this hill. » 1/19/11 8:30am 1/19/11 8:30am

The Old BMW Motorcycle With A Secret Note

When Bill Costello's father died in 2009, he left a moldering 1958 BMW R50 which hadn't been started in 40 years — along with a secret note for his son. This is the tale of what happened next. » 1/17/11 1:00pm 1/17/11 1:00pm

Watch This Idiot Jump Off A Truck Into A Cactus

It's tough finding new ways to impress people with your stupidity, so this guy gets an "A" for originality... as well as dozens of needles in his skin... after jumping from a moving truck into a cactus. » 1/17/11 9:30am 1/17/11 9:30am

The Most Insulting Car Commercial Ever Made

It was made in Europe by the Dutch for the Romanian car company Dacia and their small Duster SUV. It's incredibly filthy, insulting, ageist, sexist, and strangely anti-gypsy. It's also a little hilarious. NSFW for language. » 1/10/11 2:40pm 1/10/11 2:40pm

Watch An Electric Wheelchair Rider Take The Freeway Exit

The people who make electric scooters like to advertise how they can take their elderly riders anywhere. There's probably a fine-print exemption to "anywhere" that includes the shoulders of busy freeways. This owner did not read the fine print. » 1/07/11 10:30am 1/07/11 10:30am

Watch A Cop Beat, Mace Man Who Tells Him To "Shut Up"

A St. Louis police officer working off-duty at a gas station is under investigation after this video of him macing and batoning one of the station's patrons on New Year's Eve surfaced. The officer has a history of excessive force. » 1/05/11 12:00pm 1/05/11 12:00pm

'80s Police Training Video: Prepare To Be Stabbed... IN THE FACE

This police training video from the 1980s makes it fairly clear to the green highway patrolman he needs to worry about one thing and one thing only: knives. They're everywhere. And swords. And bums. FACE STAAAAAAAAB! Mildly NSFW. » 1/04/11 2:00pm 1/04/11 2:00pm

The Secret Underground World Of New York City

Urban explorer Steve Duncan goes places nobody in their right mind would go, examining hidden infrastructure — the tunnels, subways, and sewers — of cities all over the world. Watch him reveal New York City's secret underground world. » 1/03/11 11:35am 1/03/11 11:35am

The 11 Best Coast Guard Videos Of 2010

From oil-saturated Gulf of Mexico waters to the ice-covered Hudson River, the U.S. Coast Guard saved more than 4,300 lives last year. Here are the 11 best videos of daring rescues, choppy sea-crossings, and one truly frightening battery replacement. » 12/31/10 3:30pm 12/31/10 3:30pm

Watch An Icy 20-Car Pileup As It Happens

One might think that residents of Colorado Springs, Colo., might be among the most experienced in the country when it comes to winter weather driving. This video of a 20-car pileup Thursday afternoon as it happened suggests otherwise. » 12/31/10 10:30am 12/31/10 10:30am

Forklift Gives BMW A New Parking Spot

Watch a forklift driver in Taiwan provide the answer to the riddle "How do you move a BMW 5-Series wagon across a construction zone without its wheels touching the ground?" Ultimate driving machine, meet ultimate parking enforcer. (Thanks Robert!) [] » 12/30/10 4:00pm 12/30/10 4:00pm

Car Crashes Next To Guy Taking A Leak

Watch this amazing video of an Audi crashing just feet from a guy taking a leak by the side of the road. If the video's real, it's going more viral than herpes at a fraternity party. (H/t to AsianMartin!) » 12/30/10 10:15am 12/30/10 10:15am

The Best Indoor Car Race Without Any Cars

Three students at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta devised a way to hold a race in their dorm without any internal combustion machinery. It's just pure seat-of-the-pants driving, with a little Ken Block-wannabe action at the end. » 12/30/10 9:30am 12/30/10 9:30am

Russian Motorists Viciously Beat Drunk Driver On Video

This allegedly intoxicated driver of a large SUV crashed into dozen of cars on a busy Russian street. His victims, not pleased by this, beat the ever-living crap out of him today while police watch and participate. Warning: graphic video. » 12/15/10 10:00am 12/15/10 10:00am

Teen In Stolen Dump Truck Crushes Police Cars

The only way to stop this reckless teenager terrorizing Ohio in a stolen dump truck last Sunday was to let the teen crash it. Watch the police wait and hope he doesn't take out all their squad cars. » 12/06/10 12:00pm 12/06/10 12:00pm

German TV Show "Wetten Dass?" Halted After Car Jumping Accident

The live German TV game show "Wetten Dass?" ("Wanna Bet?") was halted on Saturday mid-broadcast after a contestant, Samuel Koch, was severely injured. Koch was trying to jump over a moving car driven by his father. Disturbing video below. » 12/06/10 7:30am 12/06/10 7:30am