Hey, Car Companies — Here's How To Get Digital Gauges Right

I know they're not to everyone's tastes, but I'm starting to like this trend towards these digital instrument panels being installed in everything from a Chevy Spark to basically the whole fleet of Jaguar and Land Rover products. Some of these are well done and are able to showcase a lot of information now that… » 2/10/13 12:00pm 2/10/13 12:00pm

Olio, Huile, Or Oil? Gauges Of The Monterey Historics

Once I saw a tachometer with a "$$$$" marker at the redline and another driven by a leather belt coming off the camshaft, I decided I'd start shooting some instrument panels at the Monterey Historics. Italy, Germany, Japan, and Detroit are all represented in the gallery below, but Joe Lucas ( the Prince Of Darkness » 8/17/08 4:00pm 8/17/08 4:00pm)…

Roush Vent Gauge Pods Makes Adding Gauges Somewhat Classy

Are you that guy? You know, the guy with big, gaudy and ugly gauges all over the dash and door molding? I don't judge you because the fact that you have so many gauges, sometimes people need to actively monitor other systems not included in the stock gauges, I just judge you because the placement of said gauges. Roush… » 2/27/08 4:15pm 2/27/08 4:15pm