Twitter Finds A Use Other Than Jalopnik, Helps Atlanta Residents Find Gas

We thought Twitter was only useful for Jalopnik »9/30/08 10:00am9/30/08 10:00am readers looking to get notified when we run important stories by subscribing to . But who knew the tool had other uses? In a definitive sign the looming has in fact already arrived, Atlanta residents are using Twitter to help them locate gas stations that actually have…


Michigan Governor Proposes Lower Speed Limits, Removing Last Reason To Stay In Michigan

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm today suggesting the state should consider lowering its 70 MPH (which, in practice, means 80 MPH) interstate speed limit in an effort to save energy. Wrapping her statement in the "families are hurting" argument, the governor made the politically delicate suggestion minus any actual… »7/02/08 3:20pm7/02/08 3:20pm