Tulsa Belvedere's Gasoline Samples Valuable To Science!

So all is not lost with the rust-plagued Tulsa Time Capsule Belvedere! Turns out the gasoline samples in the trunk (stored there in case gasoline couldn't be found in 2007) are of great interest to modern-day petroleum geochemists, who are always on the lookout for "age-related" samples for testing. » 6/26/07 8:00am 6/26/07 8:00am

Hot Gasoline: Less Bang Per Buck

Back in the early 20th century, US regulators decreed that the official definition of a gallon of gasoline was 231 cubic inches at 60 degrees Fahrenheit. All well and good, but the problem is that gasoline expands somewhat as temperature increases, meaning that you're actually getting less energy per dollar when you… » 6/20/07 5:30pm 6/20/07 5:30pm

Cohorts of Count Grishnackh May Ban Norwegian Gas-Power'd Car Sales

Some Norwegian politicos seem to have let all of those Burzum records go to their head and are intent on killing the gasoline internal-combustion engine as dead as Mayhem frontman Euronymous. Ruling Labor, Socialist Left and Center party wonks are checking to see if a ban on gasoline-powered vehicle sales would be… » 5/24/07 11:45pm 5/24/07 11:45pm

The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Com... Oh Crap, They're Here

Westlake, California, February 3, 2007. Apparently the Russian uber-multinational is going to save us American consumers money by not wasting it on a team of graphic designers obsessed with the finer points of signage. And if rumors hold, Gasprom Chairman Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev is going to swap jobs with Putin in … » 2/04/07 3:01am 2/04/07 3:01am

West Virginia Gas Station Explosion Kills 4, Injures 9

Some of us here at Jalopnik exist in the form of smokers. We're stupid, we know, but it is not our fault. To sorta-quote Dave Berry, "If the government was serious about stopping kids from smoking, they would eliminate the 10th grade." Somehow this all goes back to a night long ago during 10th grade. We were at a gas… » 1/30/07 5:23pm 1/30/07 5:23pm

Greenspan Calls Energy Prices 'A Drag,' Still, Crude Prices Fall

Somehow we picture Fed Head Alan Greenspan with a Billy Gibbons-length beard, tokin' on a fat doobie, mellowing out to the sounds of the Jefferson Airplane and exhaling with a flourish while proclaiming, "[T]he recent surge in energy prices will undoubtedly be a drag from now on, [maaan,]" at a speech Tuesday in Tokyo to … » 10/18/05 8:00am 10/18/05 8:00am