Tulsa Belvedere's Gasoline Samples Valuable To Science!

So all is not lost with the rust-plagued Tulsa Time Capsule Belvedere! Turns out the gasoline samples in the trunk (stored there in case gasoline couldn't be found in 2007) are of great interest to modern-day petroleum geochemists, who are always on the lookout for "age-related" samples for testing. » 6/26/07 8:00am 6/26/07 8:00am

Cohorts of Count Grishnackh May Ban Norwegian Gas-Power'd Car Sales

Some Norwegian politicos seem to have let all of those Burzum records go to their head and are intent on killing the gasoline internal-combustion engine as dead as Mayhem frontman Euronymous. Ruling Labor, Socialist Left and Center party wonks are checking to see if a ban on gasoline-powered vehicle sales would be… » 5/24/07 11:45pm 5/24/07 11:45pm

The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Com... Oh Crap, They're Here

Westlake, California, February 3, 2007. Apparently the Russian uber-multinational is going to save us American consumers money by not wasting it on a team of graphic designers obsessed with the finer points of signage. And if rumors hold, Gasprom Chairman Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev is going to swap jobs with Putin… » 2/04/07 3:01am 2/04/07 3:01am

West Virginia Gas Station Explosion Kills 4, Injures 9

Some of us here at Jalopnik exist in the form of smokers. We're stupid, we know, but it is not our fault. To sorta-quote Dave Berry, "If the government was serious about stopping kids from smoking, they would eliminate the 10th grade." Somehow this all goes back to a night long ago during 10th grade. We were at a gas… » 1/30/07 5:23pm 1/30/07 5:23pm

Gas Prices Are Feeling A Little Bit Bloated Today

Has anyone gone out and tried to fill up today? If you're in the Midwest, you're paying anywhere between $2.80 and $2.99. Even Michigan's auto-friendly Governor Granholm has launched an online petition to send to President Bush asking him WTF is going on. On the West Coast, we've heard prices are approaching $3.00… » 4/21/06 7:13pm 4/21/06 7:13pm

What We Want is Free, Part 2: Gratis Gas From Chrysler

DCX's Chrysler Group has decided to kill two birds with one stone: #1, they've stuck a Tabasco-coated thumb in the eye of former lover Mitsubishi by offering two years of free gas on any '05 or '06 model (as long as it's not an LX car, a Viper, or a Merc-sourced Sprinter, natch) purchased before January 3rd, plus… » 11/17/05 7:35pm 11/17/05 7:35pm

Greenspan Calls Energy Prices 'A Drag,' Still, Crude Prices Fall

Somehow we picture Fed Head Alan Greenspan with a Billy Gibbons-length beard, tokin' on a fat doobie, mellowing out to the sounds of the Jefferson Airplane and exhaling with a flourish while proclaiming, "[T]he recent surge in energy prices will undoubtedly be a drag from now on, [maaan,]" at a speech Tuesday in… » 10/18/05 8:00am 10/18/05 8:00am

Mis-Priced Gas Sends Customers Back to the Glory Days

It could have been a storyline from "The Twilight Zone," minus Rod Serling's Lucky Strike—fueled monologue. Customers of a gas station in Lincoln, Nebraska were recently transported back to around 1955, after a station manager accidentally set the premium unleaded pump to sell go-juice for $0.29 a gallon. The pump… » 10/11/05 3:56pm 10/11/05 3:56pm

What We Want is Free...If We Buy Unwanted Mitsubishis

So Vic Bondi's Chicago hardcore dream hasn't quite come true, but if you're considering the purchase of a certain '05 Mitsu, you could score between 1,000 and 2,500 bucks worth of gas for making a purchase. Mitsubishi's giving away debit cards calculated in amounts to allow you to drive 12,000 miles in the vehicle… » 9/22/05 11:29am 9/22/05 11:29am