Artists Cover Abandoned Gas Station With Fabric Panels

At 2301 E. Colvin Street in Syracuse, New York, a once defunct gas station has been covered in colorful fabric panels by the International Fiber Collaborative. Why? Um, to draw attention to the problem of 1700 abandoned gas stations. That's a problem? Aren't there something like 150,000 gas stations in the US? Anyway,… »4/24/08 1:20pm4/24/08 1:20pm

Man Attempts to Set Gas Station on Fire Over Cuh-razy Prices

All we were able to find on the above video was the caption "crazy guy so upset with high gas prices sets a gas station on fire." At first we were a wee bit skeptical, until we saw the sign in the background advertising the name of the station. Oh of course, it's Crazy Eddie's Chevron. Yup, you know, the guy with the… »12/18/07 1:45pm12/18/07 1:45pm