National Gas Price Drops Below $2.00 Per Gallon, 50% In Five Months

The price of a regular gallon of gas dropped to an average of $1.97 on Friday, the lowest price since March 4, 2005, according to the Lundberg Survey. By comparison, gas prices hit a high of $4.11 on July of this year, meaning the price has changed more than 50% since the summer. Additionally, the average price of… »11/24/08 1:00pm11/24/08 1:00pm

Oil Futures Close Below $70 A Barrel, Prices At The Pump Matching Historical Record

The futures price of a barrel of crude oil closed today at $69.85, down $4.69 a barrel since trading ended yesterday. This is the first time oil closed below $70 a barrel since June 2007, which forced us to ask the question: 'How much did a gallon of regular cost in June 2007?' Well, after a quick hunt we found the… »10/16/08 6:20pm10/16/08 6:20pm

Twitter Finds A Use Other Than Jalopnik, Helps Atlanta Residents Find Gas

We thought Twitter was only useful for Jalopnik »9/30/08 10:00am9/30/08 10:00am readers looking to get notified when we run important stories by subscribing to . But who knew the tool had other uses? In a definitive sign the looming has in fact already arrived, Atlanta residents are using Twitter to help them locate gas stations that actually have…

International Discontinues CXT, MXT And RXT Civilian Truck Line

International, makers of the stupidly huge and awesome CXT »9/26/08 1:40pm9/26/08 1:40pm, and RXT $90,000+ luxury consumer trucks, has killed its consumer products division. You can guess why: The rise of green fashion, gas prices and the whole "America doesn’t have money anymore" thing. The company will now focus exclusively on their commercial…

Price Of Oil Skyrockets Over 14% To $120 Per Barrel, End Of Days Draws Ever More Nigh

In case you don't have the ticker for oil prices set in your RSS feeder or a cerebral feed to the 24 hour news channels ( I like CNBC for all the pretty colors! — Ed. »9/22/08 3:00pm9/22/08 3:00pm), you might not know that the price on a barrel of light sweet crude jumped as much as 24% to above $130 per barrell at the New York Mercantile Exchange…

The Economy's Bad When Your Cocaine Bill Comes With A Fuel Surcharge

Anthony Salinas, 18, of Hammond, Indiana is just a businessman; He's got to watch out for his bottom line, and the rising price of gas has forced him to drop a fuel surcharge on top of what he sells — cocaine. It's not an ideal situation, but economic forces are driving up the cost of everything, and a small… »9/18/08 4:40pm9/18/08 4:40pm

GM Seeing Uptick In Truck, SUV Sales According To Lutz

Bloomberg »8/29/08 10:40am8/29/08 10:40am today reports that GM product czar Bob Lutz, referencing a handful of GM dealerships, is saying that the decline in pickup sales may be "bottoming out." Lutz apparently commented that dealers are seeing "some resurgence in demand for full-size SUVs and pickups," though he declined to mention specific figures…

Fuelly Offers Social Networking For The Mileage-Conscious, Green Dragons

Filling a need we didn't know we had until just now, a pair of developers have created a website that tracks your fill-ups in a community setting. Dubbed "Fuelly," because every web 2.0 application needs an adorably misspelled name, the site is actually quite fun and full-featured. Just add your car to the system and… »8/26/08 2:20pm8/26/08 2:20pm

Toyota Projects Gas Prices To Hit $5.00 By Middle Of Next Decade, We Think They're Being Optimistic

Toyota is basing its production plans on projections that US gas prices could rise as high as $5.00 a gallon as soon as 2015. The Japanese automaker also believes the full-size truck market will experience a significant recovery in the near future. Despite demand for its fuel-efficient Prius hybrid reaching an… »8/15/08 11:20am8/15/08 11:20am