Garbage Truck Bagged For Street Racing

Underground Garbage truck street racing is apparently the latest threat to civil society in Canada, because cops in Goderich, Ontario have busted a driver for 112 KPH in a 60 KPH zone. The part that has us furrowing our brow is there seems to be no opponent in this race. Which would simply make it speeding, which would … » 4/25/08 12:00pm 4/25/08 12:00pm

Volvo Hybrid Garbage Truck Proves Hybrids Can't Clean Everything

What's the best thing about garbage trucks? They're loud. At least that's what you think when you're seven. But once you grow into your big-boy pants, that monstrosity slowly lumbering down your street, waking you up at 5AM every Tuesday, gets to be just a tad annoying after a while. Well, now Volvo has a solution, a… » 4/09/08 11:20am 4/09/08 11:20am

Waking Up In Garbage Truck May Be A Sign Of A Drinking Problem

When William M. Bowen, aged 27, awoke in the back of a garbage truck after a night of binge drinking, we hope he took it as a sign had a problem. We're no angels here and everybody has had their embarrassing alcohol-induced situations, but waking up in the compactor buried in garbage is beyond the pale. The man claimed … » 4/01/08 2:45pm 4/01/08 2:45pm