Carcade Turns The World Outside Your Car Into A Video Game

Because the DVD players and in-car PS3s were starting to bore the kids, three students at the Berlin University of the Arts have created a video game that uses what's going on outside a car's window, incorporating it into the game. Behold CARCADE! Utilizing a webcam and a laptop, the program detects the landscape… »10/08/08 10:20am10/08/08 10:20am


Online Gamers Fleeing US Automakers Like Orcs Fleeing The Demon Aztheroc

As if domestic automakers didn't have enough problems lately, a new study by the Ziff Davis Game Group found that online gamers weren't moved by their offerings. Specifically, the survey found that though the majority of gamers own American-made cars, nearly 80% of those gamers are intending to buy an import. Of… »3/04/08 9:30am3/04/08 9:30am