The Game Of Thrones Car Paradox: How Magic Makes People Stupid

I certainly don't demand that everything I do involve cars, somehow, but I rarely find the addition of cars to something to be a bad idea. Except maybe for swimming. That's why while watching Game of Thrones, I couldn't help but wonder "why don't they have any cars?" And I think I have the answer: because magic makes… »5/16/13 12:23pm

First Image of a Brand New Starship in Star Trek Into Darkness

Matt Smith and David Tennant are photographed together at the readthrough for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special. Find out what to expect in G.I. Joe 3! Primer's Shane Carruth reveals the impressively practical special effects in his latest mindbending film. Robert Kirkman looks ahead to The Walking Dead's next… »4/02/13 9:00am