The Flight of Pegasus: The AVE Mizar

Allegedly obsessed with flying cars, it seems like our latest obsession happens to be with turbocharged Pinto motors. So what if an ex-Northrop engineer grafted the wings and ass end of a Cessna Skymaster to a Ford Pinto and had the prototype painted by a hot van artist? Not 1973 enough for you yet? What if we told… » 2/22/07 12:30pm 2/22/07 12:30pm

Gettin' Galpinized at the LA Auto Show

Galpin Motors, a Southern California institution that began with a small Ford dealership in the San Fernando Valley, showed up with a few of their Galpinized custom vehicles at the Los Angeles Auto Show. One was pretty cool, in a kitschy, Barris sort of way. Two others applied already-tired cliches that prove the… » 1/05/06 11:30pm 1/05/06 11:30pm