Ford S-Max Spotted on the Mean Steets of Detroit

After being berated for the crappy quality of my pictures here, and here, and many other times, I've decided to upgrade to a Lumix FZ18 from the three year old Exilim that had horrible fading, limited dynamic range, and no optical zoom. The ironic part is that though this new piece of kit takes gorgeous pictures, the… » 12/03/07 9:30am 12/03/07 9:30am

Jalopnik Poll: Which Ford Europe Product Should FoMoCo Bring to the US?

UK-based trade mag Just-Auto yesterday reported FoMoCo is considering bringing models from Ford Europe to the US market, a practice the company has employed in the past to fill holes in its stateside line. Among models it's considering are the Mondeo, Focus, S-Max, and Galaxy minivan, which many Jalopnik readers… » 12/07/06 7:55am 12/07/06 7:55am

Ford's SAVvy European Minivans to Debut in Geneva

With room for seven and a turbocharged, 217 hp five banger right out of the European Focus ST, Ford's S-MAX minivan (pictured) courts Europe's lead-footed footballer-moms, while its larger Galaxy sibling (after the jump) targets their violin-recital-enduring half-sisters. Both small minivans (MPVs?) will show up in… » 2/22/06 7:27am 2/22/06 7:27am