Ghangzhou Auto Coupe Cabrolet Concept For When The Sun Is Shining Or The Clouds Are Raining Acid

Unlike Chery, Geely or Great Wall, China's Ghangzhou auto (GAG) isn't well known in the west. This is because the company currently focuses on producing domestic market Accords for Honda and Camrys for Toyota. Though we've seen some wild concepts from the company, including the GAG A-HEV Hybrid, we haven't seen much… »4/22/08 7:30pm4/22/08 7:30pm

Guangzhou International Auto Show: GAG A-HEV Hybrid

The Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAG) revealed this A-HEV hybrid vehicle concept at the Guangzhou International Auto Show (no coincidence there), which could be an indicator of the design direction GAG intends to take. Currently, GAG reproduces Honda and Toyota models for domestic-only consumption. Like other Chinese… »11/20/07 1:15pm11/20/07 1:15pm