Wagons of Real

Yesterday we ran into Gaffo, Dr. Big Block, and the rest of the Vashon Island Wagons of Steel crew out here at Mopars at the Strip. The fleet towed down from the island over the course of 26 hours, resting for a mere four. All this after thrashing a fresh engine into the wagon just a day or two earlier. To complicate… » 3/31/07 3:00pm 3/31/07 3:00pm

Wagons, Sno!

Reports from our wagon racing pal Gaffo Jones confirm that giant '70s Mopar station wagons are still no damn good in the snow. An attempt at rally-style driveway motoring with the column mounted torqueflite selector in low netted a low-speed slide and near collision into a parked Sport Fury. No further attempts at… » 1/17/07 12:46pm 1/17/07 12:46pm

Wagons of Steel, Ho Ho Ho!

There was a time that the word crossover was not associated with automobiles. Folks that needed a vehicle with space for a bunch of other folks, kids, and pic-a-nic baskets full of goodies loaded up into station wagons. Acres of genuine simulated wood trim was attached to even more acres of good old American iron.… » 12/04/06 11:43pm 12/04/06 11:43pm