GM Cancels Extra Cobalt Production Due To Parts Shortage

With small car sales exploding thanks to record gas prices, GM finds itself unable to build enough Chevy Cobalt »9/26/08 12:20pm9/26/08 12:20pms to satisfy demand. Now a parts shortage is further complicating the situation. GM had planned to run a double shift this Saturday at the Lordstown, OH plant that assembles the Cobalt and , but at least one…

GM Seeking Weird Pedophile Market, Wants You To Become A "Friend With Benefits"

MySpace may be utilized mostly by perverts and Dateline reporters disguised as lonely teenagers, but apparently those people do buy cars. Now the General's hoping to appeal to that same loving-the-lonelygirl demographic as they launch their — and we shit your not — "Friends with Benefits" campaign on MySpace. The… »2/07/07 1:44pm2/07/07 1:44pm

Google Pontiac Now, Bitches! G5 Takes Advertising Internets-Only

Maybe we've been wrong and you really can teach an old dog new tricks — or if not an old dog, maybe at least an old company. With the release of the G5, Pontiac's newest member of the General's arrow-headed tribe badge, the marketing and advertising folks over at the RenCen are making a new marketing move no… »8/28/06 10:16am8/28/06 10:16am

Wherefore Art Thou, Oprah? Pontiac's Singular G5 Of Kindness

The G5, unlike the entrance received by its more distinctly Pontiac brother, the G6, received a little bit less in the way of pomp, circumstance — and giveaways. Whereas the V6 G6 received the full might of an Oprah appearance — as well as the ensuing PR-gasm accompanying a give-away of 276 4-door coupes — the G5… »7/25/06 5:02pm7/25/06 5:02pm

Sneaking Sally Through the Alley: Pontiac Reveals 2007 Pontiac G5 GT

Guys, where are the balloons, where's the champagne? Where's the press breakfast with eggs benedict with little Niman Ranch bacon bits sprinkled over the top, a pitcher of mimosas and a western omelet station? Maybe we missed it, but GM gave our buddy Dave at's KickingTires blog the go-ahead to release… »7/25/06 1:28pm7/25/06 1:28pm