The Many Moods of a Jalopnik Editor: That's a Virtual Planetoid!

Davey G. got subjected to enough green-screen wackiness to give a lesser pundit motion sickness. Click through the gallery to find out what he may or may not have been thinking at the time. After all, he'd die for living in the movies and TV, but the hardest thing he ever does is watch his leading ladies kiss some… »8/08/06 12:00am8/08/06 12:00am


Johnson Hits The Airwaves With The Force of a Flying Sack of Crap: Pop-Up Davey G.!

The producers at G4's Filter were more liberal with their application of Davey G. this time around, popping him up to contradict and/or enforce the points of view of other people we've never heard of (well, we know who Em & Lo are, but only Emma seemed to be doing the talking, while Sharkey's the one we really wanna… »8/07/06 10:30pm8/07/06 10:30pm

More Davey G. on the TeeVee: Jalopnik Returns to G4's 'Filter'

Yes kids, it's that time again. Our very own DGJ appears tomorrow on a very special episode of Filter entitled "11 Coolest Carrific Moments." No doubt, his noggin will look exceedingly massive (it was filmed during the same shoot as his last appearance, which had the boys and girls screaming "Heed!"). Which is fine,… »8/04/06 4:00pm8/04/06 4:00pm

The Many Moods of a Jalopnik Editor: Inside the Hypertext Mind of Davey G. on G4

If Wert can have his mind probed while appearing on Philo T. Farnsworth's finest achievement, it seems only right to do inflict it upon the Cali punker loony who mans our San Pedro station regarding his appearance on G4's Filter over the weekend. Click through the gallery for insight into what fifteen seconds of… »7/24/06 8:15pm7/24/06 8:15pm

30 Seconds Over Tokyo, 15 Seconds of Semi-Fame: Davey G. on G4's 'Filter'

A month or so ago, a producer over at G4 contacted us and asked if we wanted to send someone down to their studios to film 40 minutes of footage for Filter. Naturally, we sent Johnson, because Pedro to West LA is a slightly shorter trip than say, um, East Lansing to West Los Angeles. And while the main bulk of his… »7/24/06 6:30pm7/24/06 6:30pm

Another Jalopnik Hits The Airwaves: Davey G. On G4 Tomorrow Night

Not to be outdone by Wert and his cushy deal with CNBC producers, tomorrow night at 7pm on G4, Davey G. will supposedly make his first nationwide television appearance since, well, ever. He was on local TV as a Cub Scout in Sacramento, but this, well...this is his big break in the City of Angels. The show is Filter,… »7/21/06 5:30pm7/21/06 5:30pm