Top Gear G-Wiz Crash Test Leftovers For Sale

One of the most infamous recent Top Gear » 8/21/08 4:40pm 8/21/08 4:40pm stunts was the violent destruction of a G-Wiz electric car for the purposes of science. If you enjoyed the utter carnage seen above, and want the equivalent of modern art, you can now buy the leftovers of this very same G-Wiz over on eBay. It's essentially a pile of rusty scrap…

The G-Wiz Electric Car Crumples Like A Tin Can

After Top Gear took the G-Wiz to the heights of what you can do with a remote control last Sunday night, we wanted to remind folks why the British boys dislike the G-Wiz 'lectric so much. We feel like maybe it has something to do with the way the "Aww" G-Wiz crumples like a tin can when it hits anything at pretty… » 12/26/07 7:00am 12/26/07 7:00am

Top Gear Races Remote-Controlled G-Wiz Against Real RC Car

After May took the Jaguar XF out for a drive last night, the show took on a less-than-serious note as the boys spent some time giving out the annual Top Gear awards. In one segment, we had the opportunity to witness some sweet mod-action on the G-Wiz electric car. The boys took the G-Wiz from small and slow to fast… » 12/24/07 2:30pm 12/24/07 2:30pm