2009 Mercedes G-Class Gets A Lot More Power, Not A Lot Else

Already one of the most overpriced and unnecessary vehicles on sale, the 2009 Mercedes G-Wagen is getting more power and more fuel consumption. The G500 gains a new 5.5-liter V8 and with it a 30% improvement in power. While 382bhp and a 0-60 time of 5.9 seconds might sound ridiculous to you or I, it's positively… »5/30/08 12:20pm5/30/08 12:20pm

Tell the Estonian Defense Forces: New Mercedes G-Wagon's Just a Little Different

That lovable Gel ndewagen, the German military vehicle almost replaced by the GL-Class familial barge, has gotten a new look. And by "look" we mean you have to really look for the differences. Mainly, the changes are focused in the interior, with a restyled dash binnacle, modified center console, and a newly styled… »2/15/07 10:25am2/15/07 10:25am

The G-Wagen's a Beauty, Eh? Canadian Soldiers Saved by Armored Merc

A few of Canada's finest ran across an improvised explosive device in the wilds of Afghanistan, and their hides were saved by the corn-fed German beef of their up-armored Gel ndewagen. While the bomb turned the vehicle into what insurance adjusters would term "a total loss," the G-Class' civil-servant brother did the… »12/13/05 5:11pm12/13/05 5:11pm

Mercedes Releases Official Photos of New GL-Class SUV

After quite a year of spying by photogs and sneaking all 'round by Mercedes, the company has released the first full set of official press images of its new GL-Class SUV, ahead of the truck's official launch at the Detroit auto show next month. The bruiser will debut in the US market with Merc's 335hp 4.6-liter V8… »12/09/05 12:00am12/09/05 12:00am

Pam Anderson wants a G-wagen, Hold the Cow Carcass

Pam's right. Asking for a leather-free luxury car these days is like ordering a vegan smoothie in Wisconsin — the shopkeepers give you 20 seconds to walk away before calling the FBI. Anderson, a PETA spokesmodel of late, put in a such a request for a Mercedes G55 AMG, which was denied by the powers that be — who've… »11/03/05 11:51am11/03/05 11:51am