Say it Ain't Enzo: Ferrari Considering V8 Power for New Enzo?

While Audi is thinking about adding a couple of cylinders, the fellows at AutoWeek get confirmation that Ferrari is considering dropping a V8 in the next generation Enzo. The new version will be using technology developed in the FXX (pictured in Evoluzione form) and there's some question as to whether it's better to… »11/29/07 2:00pm11/29/07 2:00pm

Party Like It's 2007: Ferrari Parade To Set World Record

Chalk this up as yet another reason we'd like to live in Britain. To wit: Ever since Robert Earl Hughes was supplanted as the heaviest man in the world, we have not had much interest in the Guinness Book of World Records. However, the following interests us very much. Ferrari is going to attempt to set a Guinness… »5/10/07 4:15pm5/10/07 4:15pm

Looking For Mister Goodcar: La Carrera's Unlimited Class Seeks FXX

So we were yammering with Haller too late at night, and as late-night yammering between car guys often ends up, ridiculous ideas spring forth. On the spot, he decided to offer free entry into La Carrera Panamericana's Unlimited Class to any hombre with cojones enough to subject his Ferrari FXX to the Mexican… »9/04/06 9:00am9/04/06 9:00am