Why does Volkswagen Group hate rear-wheel drive?

If front-wheel drive is wrong-wheel drive, Volkswagen and its many offshoots may be the wrongest automaker in existence. Even Lamborghini wasn't safe from VW's quattro-biased hands. Jalopnik contributor and rear-wheel aficionado Kevin McCauley's sick of it, and ain't no diff's gonna make a difference in his mind. — Ed. » 10/31/11 2:30pm 10/31/11 2:30pm

What front wheel drive car is the most fun to drive?

Front wheel drive cars are known for a lot of things, but being fun to drive is not one of them. Most car lovers will agree the FWD configuration can't compete with a RWD or AWD car when it comes to driving enjoyment. Having said that, this weekend we want to know what vehicle can provide the most automotive amusement… » 9/10/11 5:00pm 9/10/11 5:00pm

Ride along on the fastest FWD lap the Nürburgring has ever seen

Renault broke their own 'Ring record this past week when they recorded a very impressive 8:07.79 around the Nordschleife. The time was good enough to make Renault's new Megane RS Trophy the fastest production spec FWD car to ever lap the Nürburgring. While watching the record setting lap we had to keep reminding… » 6/18/11 2:00pm 6/18/11 2:00pm

A Brief History Of Front-Wheel Drive

Hugo Becker of BMWBLOG breaks down the history of front-wheel-drive vehicles in the face of a wrong-wheel-drive Bavarian future. — Ed. » 4/07/10 12:30pm 4/07/10 12:30pm

Jason Plato's Epic BTCC Sliding Save

Veteran BTCC driver Jason Plato gives rookie Jonathan Adams a lesson in control after the youngster's BMW slams into Plato's Chevy Lacetti at Brands Hatch yesterday. You have to see it to believe it. » 4/06/09 4:30pm 4/06/09 4:30pm

In Defense Of Brightly Colored FWD Cars

Jack Baruth over at the many-coloned Speed:Sport:Life » 10/22/08 4:00pm 10/22/08 4:00pm, which brought us the challenge, is at it again with a tirade against those who eschew FWD and brightly-colored cars from the . Baruth is the proud owner of both a vintage Porsche Lime Green , which is as bright as they come, and a red , which is both bright and…

Active Toe Control To Improve FWD Handling

Prodrive has developed a system capable of altering the toe angle of a vehicle's rear wheels on the fly. Active Toe Control works with twist beam axles, offering the performance of more expensive multilink rear suspension at less than half the cost. By using a control rod to adjust the angle of the rear wheels… » 3/13/08 12:40pm 3/13/08 12:40pm