Over the Back Fence: Volkswagen Scirocco Coming to the US

This guy we know knows this chick who dated this guy whose brother played pub trivia with this dude who once spent an hour in a hotel bar with a woman who implied she might be a Volkswagen rep. She apparently confirmed the Volkswagen Scirocco will indeed be coming to the US, despite several reports to the contrary… »8/06/07 12:43pm8/06/07 12:43pm

Cars of the Near Future: Lexus Cops to Studying New Model Segments

According to Automotive News, Lexus is studying a few new vehicles to satisfy emerging niches. Those models include a seven-passenger crossover larger than the RX 330, a smaller compact crossover and a unique Lexus hybrid model. AW posits the Lexus's willingness to go on record indicates it could be close to building… »3/05/07 6:15am3/05/07 6:15am