The Best Guess at Musk's Hyperloop Design, Now in Excruciating Detail

You might remember that a couple of weeks ago, Elon Musk made otherwise random guy John Gardi Twitter-famous by proclaiming that Gardi had a pretty good guess at how Musk's crazy-sounding Hyperloop transit concept was going to work. Now, Gardi has spoken up with so, so much more information. Or at least, speculation. » 8/06/13 12:13pm 8/06/13 12:13pm

Reality-Defying Futurama Flying Car For Sale On Amazon For A Mere…

Good news everyone! A recently-launched merchant on Amazon — named Jetson — is offering the "Futurama Flying Car" for the bargain price of only $50,000. Although the seller makes no promises or claims, other than an artfully updated image of the Guigiaro B.A.T. 5, the reviews on this product offer stunning insight… » 10/10/08 4:00pm 10/10/08 4:00pm