The Best Guess at Musk's Hyperloop Design, Now in Excruciating Detail

You might remember that a couple of weeks ago, Elon Musk made otherwise random guy John Gardi Twitter-famous by proclaiming that Gardi had a pretty good guess at how Musk's crazy-sounding Hyperloop transit concept was going to work. Now, Gardi has spoken up with so, so much more information. Or at least, speculation. »8/06/13 12:13pm8/06/13 12:13pm


Reality-Defying Futurama Flying Car For Sale On Amazon For A Mere $50,000!

Good news everyone! A recently-launched merchant on Amazon — named Jetson — is offering the "Futurama Flying Car" for the bargain price of only $50,000. Although the seller makes no promises or claims, other than an artfully updated image of the Guigiaro B.A.T. 5, the reviews on this product offer stunning insight… »10/10/08 4:00pm10/10/08 4:00pm

China Automobile France Displays Kiff; Looks Like Jeep Hurricane, Not Futurama Character

Pessimists will say China is no place for intellectual property; those people don't know what they're talking about. Take this vehicle displayed by importer China Automobile France. It's called Kiff and it is totally original and looks nothing at all like a half-scale Jeep Hurricane »10/04/08 2:00pm10/04/08 2:00pm from the 2005 . The "Kiff" is…