A First Look at the Beautiful New Furniture IKEA's Bringing To the U.S.

I'll admit it: I love what IKEA's been up to lately. They're making high-tech however affordable desks. They're reissuing simple but sophisticated midcentury modern designs. And now, they're bringing a whole slew of drop dead gorgeous furniture to the United States, much of which is made of solid wood. I love it. » 1/08/15 12:35pm 1/08/15 12:35pm

A Car Couch That Costs More Than Your Real Car

We're glad everyone is deciding on a favorite sub-$15k new vehicle, but now it's time to look at something that costs nearly three times as much as your selected new vehicle: a custom designed Car Couch. This Car Couch is the work of Fred Bailey and unlike some other car couches, this one appears to split the car in a… » 5/20/08 4:20pm 5/20/08 4:20pm

Corvette Designer Bar Completes 'Vette Trifecta

Forget about the wood-panel liquor cabinet and bar. We have something a bit classier here with the Corvette Car Bar. It has a glass top for slinging drinks and talking imitation car furniture with all of your imitation car furniture enthusiast buddies. The bar would go great with the Corvette couch and barbecue grill » 3/05/08 4:45pm 3/05/08 4:45pm

Aston Martin DB6 Couch Is The Cheapest Option For Your DB6 Desires

How does $7,300 sound for a DB6? Pretty nice, eh? Don't go trading in your daily driver, yet. This $7,300 Aston Martin DB6 is no more than the back seat, chopped out and made into couch. Er, actually, the couch isn't actually chopped out of real DB6s (nobody would ever do such a thing), but rather manufactured by… » 2/06/08 3:30pm 2/06/08 3:30pm

Downforce in the Den: Porsche 917 Couch

Loveseat, indeed. It's one thing to watch your DVDs of LeMans or CanAm race footage while sitting in a Barcalounger or some other glorified tree stump. It's entrely another to curl up in your own Porsche 917. Sure this model is lacking around 1,100 horsepower or so (from CanAm setup), but the company that makes it… » 10/16/06 12:59pm 10/16/06 12:59pm

Yugo As Decorative Element: Park it in Your Living Room!

I sit at Rittenhouse Park and see a guy from Time Cycle give the finger to a passing motorist, and it kind of makes me smile/This is the city of brotherly love and crime/And we only bombed our own city once, one time.
Adam Goren wrote those lines nearly a decade ago, and while said City of Brotherly Love has recently… » 7/15/05 5:19am 7/15/05 5:19am