Watch Pieces Of A Drag Car Fly Into The Stands And Land On Spectators

An NHRA drag race in North Carolina on Saturday gave fans a little more than they bargained for when pieces of a Funny Car's body flew off during a run and landed in the stands. Amazingly, no one seems to have been seriously hurt. » 4/21/13 8:55pm 4/21/13 8:55pm

Why Aren’t There More Funny Car Tugs-Of-War?

Here we see two funny cars line up on New Jersey's Atco Raceway for what might be the best use of drag racing cars ever devised: a tug-of-war. » 7/03/12 1:00pm 7/03/12 1:00pm

This Is Why Drag Racing Is Awesome

Eyeball-rattling grunt and cars launched by the hand of God: Drag racing is one of the most awe-inspiring things on wheels.'s Chuck Squatriglia recently took a closer look at Top Fuel racing — the pinnacle of the sport. —Ed. » 8/10/10 12:30pm 8/10/10 12:30pm

Man-Eating Dragster Swallows Driver's Son

A pre-race check nearly turns disastrous when this rip-snortin' funny car goes out of-control, ingesting the driver's son and sending him face-first into the belly of the bazillion-horsepower V8. Miraculously, the kid survived without any injuries. Here's how it happened. » 7/30/10 3:20pm 7/30/10 3:20pm

NHRA Shortens Track After Fatal Crash, No Longer 1/4-Mile

As an interim safety measure in the wake of Scott Kalitta's fatal crash, the NHRA has decided to shorten the length of the race in the Funny Car and Top Fuel classes from 1320 feet down to 1000 feet. This comes as part of an effort to reduce speeds; plus, with the shortened racing distance, the drivers are left with… » 7/03/08 11:00am 7/03/08 11:00am

Ford and NHRA Create Black Blue Boxes For Nitro Cars

There's an old Chris Rock joke that goes "How come every time an airplane crashes, all they can ever find is the black box. Why don't they just make the whole plane out of the black box?" That's all a setup for this story about Ford and NHRA teaming up to provide Blue Box sensors for all dragsters in the Top Fuel and… » 12/11/07 6:00pm 12/11/07 6:00pm

At the Nats! Backstage at John Force Racing

We're at the ProCare RX Supernationals at Englishtown, where rubber comes to be atomized and sprinkled like invisible pixie dust over crowds of race fans dressed in mid-period Modells. Eardrums are begging for absolution and logos illustrate where the bills are sent. The $1.8 million event will culminate tonight in a… » 6/22/07 5:00pm 6/22/07 5:00pm