Nelly's On And Poppin' Custom Ford Flex To Be Revealed At SEMA

Working with Ford and Funkmaster Flex (no relation), Grammy-winner Nelly laid out a design for his own custom Ford Flex »11/04/08 10:30am11/04/08 10:30am crossover; the finished result will be revealed to the artist today at the show in Las Vegas. Apparently Nelly was enthusiastic about the Flex from his first look, saying "Yo, that’s hot! How can I…


Detroit Auto Show: Funkmaster Flex Does Detroit, Talks Nano

Of all the musical celebrities that have shown up this week, Funkmaster Flex has to be our favorite. The black and red Ford Flexpedition outside let us know to be on alert for Flex and then, near VW, we found him. We know Flex knows his stuff, but we were shocked that he wanted to talk about the Tata Nano, the $2,500… »1/15/08 2:00pm1/15/08 2:00pm

Ford Continues To Flex: Funkmaster Flexpedition To Hit Showroom Floors

No, we're not kidding — no April Fool's Joke here — we think. It looks like Funkmaster Flex's Expedition he pimped out blinged out mutilated for last year's SEMA show will actually be hitting FoMoCo showroom floors near you as a limited edition 2008 model of the Big-UV. The ride will be built on the existing short… »3/30/07 3:30pm3/30/07 3:30pm

Pimp(TM) Ford's Ride: It's Not SEMA Without Funkmaster Flex

Without Funkmaster Flex, the $3 billion automobile aftermarket business would probably be worth no more than, say, $2.7 billion — tops. That's probably why Ford's backed its private Brinks truck up to Flex's crib for two years running. This year, Flex signed his name to a customized 2007 Expedition that Ford plans to… »10/27/06 3:21pm10/27/06 3:21pm

Mr. Flex Goes to Canada: Funkmaster's Car Show Hits Toronto

You know, we're like the inverse of Funkmaster Flex. He's wide. We're thin. He's rich. We're poor. He hips to the hop. We punk out. He's black. We're white. But, despite the differences in views on how a car should be properly customized, we share the same view on great raw materials: "A '69 Charger R/T 440 six-pack.… »3/09/06 3:33pm3/09/06 3:33pm