Secret message found in WW2 bullet tells the story of some stupid Nazis

August, 13, 1944. The British 8th Army occupies Florence. The Allies finally break out of Normandy. Meanwhile, somewhere in the south of Tuscany, a soldier writes this encrypted message and hides it inside a bullet. In 2015, someone found it and deciphered it. It was the end of a hilariously absurd story. » 1/30/15 8:46pm 1/30/15 8:46pm

How to Survive the Perils of New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve might be the best party night of the year, but it can also be the most stressful, from losing your phone to the far more perilous drive home. Here are a few things you can do now to stay safe and sane this New Year's. » 12/31/14 4:53pm 12/31/14 4:53pm

Crazy people put car inside giant inflatable ball, roll it down a hill

This is fun and I don't care it was made by the car manufacturer. I care that someone was crazy enough to think about putting a freaking car inside one of those giant inflatable balls—called Zorbs, apparently, perhaps the biggest ever made—and then pushed it down a hill. I only wish they put people inside. » 10/28/14 12:51pm 10/28/14 12:51pm

Man runs out of subway car and races it to get back in at next station

I could have never imagined this could be possible: Watch this guy getting out of a London subway car and running all the way to next station to get back inside the same subway car. » 9/18/14 11:25pm 9/18/14 11:25pm

Jet skiing through a canyon looks a lot like podracing in Star Wars

This GoPro video shows Christian Yellott zipping through the incredible narrow canyons of Lake Powell but if I squint a little bit, I can convince myself that I'm watching kid Anakin podracing in Tatooine. Either way, it's pretty awesome. » 8/27/14 8:58am 8/27/14 8:58am

Russians build a snow plow out of a crappy car—and it works pretty well

Winter came and overstayed its welcome. At what point do we make like the Russians and turn our tiny crappy cars into snow plow sleds? I say the next snow. Just hop on the hood of your car and make a friend drive you through and pummel it. Winter is stupid, this type of stupid fun makes it a little less so. » 3/01/14 3:41pm 3/01/14 3:41pm

This real life version of a Mario Kart cart is all I want in my life

I don't want much. A bed to sleep on, a nice pair of shoes, some beer to drink and I'm good. Or so I thought. Now I could care less about any of that because all I want in my life is this drifting Crazy Cart XL. It's basically the real life version of the cart in Mario Kart. » 2/20/14 10:57pm 2/20/14 10:57pm

Viper GTS Go-Kart? Yes Please!

This 1996 Viper GTS is being sold as a salvage project/donor car, but I say keep it as-is and enjoy. Who in their right mind wouldn't want a 450hp V10 go-kart? And with a mere $13k asking price, its almost crazy NOT to buy it. » 10/28/13 7:54am 10/28/13 7:54am

The next must-watch sci-fi & fantasy movies and TV shows

io9's wrap up of San Diego Comic-Con 2013—the yearly Big Bang of sci-fi and fantasy news—has a selection of the best and shiniest movies, TV shows and comic books that will keep you entertained this year, the next and beyond. It's packed with really good stuff. » 7/25/13 12:37pm 7/25/13 12:37pm

Fiat Panda, one of the most fun press cars I've ever driven

Previous generation Fiat Panda just delivers, it'll run over rough stuff, climb things with ease, corners happily on loose stuff and is fun to drive due to compact size, especially if you take it to the narrow field paths. It was a really fun car and I almost wanted to return it to the dealer with all the dirt and… » 7/14/13 9:47am 7/14/13 9:47am

Bullitt chase perfectly recreated for crappy music video

Give credit to the director of this music video for making me volunteer to listen to this remarkably awful song in order to see a period correct-looking Charger and Mustang race around the streets of San Francisco. It's for the song "Fun" by someone named Sharam. It's like "Friday" but less catchy and more repetitive. » 5/05/11 2:30pm 5/05/11 2:30pm

How Many Trucks Can Hit The Same Overpass Before Anyone Notices?

We've all seen trucks run into overpasses before, but none in the same place, multiple times. We count 8 trucks in total getting a military-style flat top attempting to make their way under this overpass. » 3/09/09 2:00pm 3/09/09 2:00pm

Renault Logan: Isn't It Awful When Things Get Crowded Together?

We sometimes come across a funny ad that we just don't get. We get these ads for the Renault Logan. They're crude, of questionable taste and utilize glorious word mashing URLs. » 3/06/09 5:30pm 3/06/09 5:30pm

Match Made in Heaven: Skoda Delivery Fun

You didn't think we could actually make it through any trip without bringing you local Camino action did you? Here's a bitchin' Skoda Felicia Fun doing its duty as a pizza delivery truck/car in Schesslitz. Way more dignified than the last Fun we brought you. Could there be a better match? Pizza delivery, Camino-ness,… » 12/28/07 12:45pm 12/28/07 12:45pm

Need to Lose Your Job? Play This Jeep Game

Every once in a while, the Internet takes a giant leap forward in its ability to waste my life away. Imagine combining a profound love of Jeeps with the desire to see them pull off Dukes-of-Hazzard-on-acid jumps. Well my friend, that's the idea behind Jeep Flyer. Go ahead, take a furtive stab at a loop-dee-loop,… » 12/26/06 10:00am 12/26/06 10:00am