Evacuation Of Fukushima Nuclear Plant Ordered After Tsunami Warning

» 10/25/13 1:42pm 10/25/13 1:42pm

Explore Fukushima's Nuclear Zone in Google's Startling Street View

The 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake devastated the town of Namie in Fukushima. The surviving residents still cannot return to their homes. The area has been evacuated due to radiation. » 3/28/13 9:09am 3/28/13 9:09am

Russia Stops Nearly 300 Radioactive Japanese Cars At Border

Aftershocks from Japan's 2011 earthquake continue. Today, Russian customs officials stopped nearly 300 Japanese cars believed to be irradiated from last year's nuclear meltdown at Fukushima. » 7/19/12 4:20pm 7/19/12 4:20pm

The cars of the Fukushima Nuclear Exclusion Zone

These images, snapped inside the exclusion zone surrounding the Fukushima Nuclear Power plant nine months after the earthquake, are as close as we're likely to get to the end of the world. At least until December next year. Destroyed vehicles litter the landscape, proving obstacles for the few remaining holdouts and… » 12/28/11 4:00pm 12/28/11 4:00pm