40 Years Of Not Getting Stuck: A Subaru AWD History

Subaru's now famous Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive is 40 years old. Contrary to what you might expect, the first couple of Subarus using it were not turbocharged racecars fighting against the mud and snow but rather affordable coupes and family cars in need of some extra grip. The Japanese company has been commited to… »12/06/12 5:30pm12/06/12 5:30pm


Subaru's Daddy Partners With Japanese Energy Heavy on Electric Cars

There's a laundromat in Oakland, California, right 'round the corner from the old apartment of a girl we were all hot and bothered about around the turn of the century. It's called the 'Lectric Washhouse. Which is quite possibly the best name for a laundromat, ever. We heard there was a sighting of the girl in chichi… »9/06/05 5:02am9/06/05 5:02am