Elon Musk: Hydrogen Fuel Cells Are "Extremely Silly." Are They Really?

Elon Musk has never been a proponent of the universe's most abundant element, hydrogen. Well, at least in the context of a fuel source for an electric car. This is not a new stance for him, but it is one he reiterated last month at a press conference. So, why, exactly, is he such an H-phobe, and is he right? »2/18/15 3:40pm2/18/15 3:40pm

Honda Will Have An All-New EV And Hybrid By 2018

Despite repeated claims that 2015 would be the "year of Honda," Honda's press event only big reveals were a couple of claims that they'd have an all-new, all-electric vehicle by 2018, along with a plug-in hybrid the same year. We did get to see their FCV Concept in person for the first time in North America, so that's… »1/13/15 1:45pm1/13/15 1:45pm

The Next Prius? What It's Like To Drive Toyota's $57,000 Hydrogen Car

Hydrogen fuel cells are a cool technology that were perfected to enable humans to go to the moon. Now that they're perfected even more, they're enabling humans to go to work or the liquor store, and, incredibly, this is progress. The Toyota Mirai is an example of this remarkable progress. Funny looking, maybe, but it… »11/20/14 3:20pm11/20/14 3:20pm

Honda Looks To Follow GM By Fueling Hydrogen Hopes With Hollywood Hype

Honda's hoping to snag some love from the Hollywood hype machine for their new green machine, the hydrogen fuel-cell-powered FCX Clarity. Honda's producing 200 of the fuel cell vehicles for distribution to celebrities and other Hollywood luminaries to build buzz for the 73 MPG technological wonder. True, these drivers… »6/19/08 6:00pm6/19/08 6:00pm

Toyota FCHV-adv Gets New Fuel Cell Hybrid System, Has Over 500 Mile Range

The Japanese government (who didn't have anything to do with Prius development) has given approval for domestic market leasing of Toyotas newest fuel cell hybrid, the FCHV-adv. We don't know if our assumed graphic update properly represents the new look of the updated FCHV, but the updated goodies under hood and… »6/06/08 11:20am6/06/08 11:20am

GM Says Challenge X Is The Future, We Say We Want It Now

Looking at the array of biodiesel hybrids, ethanol hydrogen hybrids and fuel cells on display in Central Park this morning, the impression we got was GM is looking to these technologies as the future. All we could think was how much they should be the present. You see, this wasn't a display of pie-in-the-sky concepts… »5/16/08 3:00pm5/16/08 3:00pm

Hey Look! A Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car You Can Actually Buy

Oh wait, it's just a toy. Even after the recent barrage of hydrogen fuel cell commercials from the biggies, you want to know who the real winner is? Corgi. Corgi is the manufacturer of the H2GO, a remote-control hydrogen fuel cell car. Maybe the big boy manufacturers should take a hint or two from Corgi—its product… »2/07/08 2:45pm2/07/08 2:45pm

Hyundai i-Blue Fuel Cell Car To Have North American Debut At Chicago Auto Show

We have confirmation from Hyundai that they'll be premiering the Hyundai i-Blue fuel cell concept at the Chicago Auto Show. This is the North American debut as the company already showed this particular concept in Frankfurt last year. What's interesting is that the company has promised to have a production ready… »2/05/08 7:00am2/05/08 7:00am

Holiday Gift Guide: Hydrogen Power Kit for your R/C Car

We're hoping to appeal to both the weekend R/C racers and the alternafuel fans on the site with this choice. Horizon Fuel Cell technologies offers a hydrogen fuel cell power supply for your R/C car that incorporates on board hydrogen fuel canisters! Even better, the kit is designed to fit in the battery compartment… »12/04/07 1:45pm12/04/07 1:45pm

Which Alternative Fuel Are You Most Excited About?

We've been talking an awful lot for the past few days about Honda's FCX Clarity. OK, fine — I've been talking a lot about it. Still, I filled up my car today to the tune of $3.56 a gallon — which is whack — and those numbers don't look like they are headed down any time soon. Oil is over $100 a barrel. The UN says… »11/20/07 11:30am11/20/07 11:30am