You Need An Autogyro To Get Spy Shots Of The Fuego GTX!

While we'd prefer to get into the Turbo Zone with a Fuego, the naturally-aspirated GTX was obviously quite the mysterious machine. Look how angry it gets when gyrocopter-equipped spy photographers attempt to capture it on film in its desert habitat (where, apparently, it emerges from its underground bunker only to… » 3/13/08 2:00pm 3/13/08 2:00pm

PCH, Force Majeure Edition: Fuego Turbo or Biturbo?

With our patriotic Chevyfied Monte Carlo Versus Camaro Potential Enduro Car PCH poll yesterday, we had some readers grumbling about the low-budget Detroitness of the choices. Well, we understand that freedom to dissent is what makes America great, so we're not going to execute any commenters just because they're… » 10/30/07 5:30pm 10/30/07 5:30pm