2009 Toyota Supra: More Hype Than Reality...Or The Other Way Around?

Depending on who you're listening to out there on the interwebs, there's either a new ToMoCo Supra on the way to play against the Nissan 350Z...or there's not. More than likely if it is, it'll be based off of the design of the FT-HS that first turned our heads at the Detroit Auto Show. The only problem is, we're… »5/30/07 8:15am5/30/07 8:15am

Separated At Birth: The Toyota FT-HS Concept Car And A StormTrooper

We'd have to say we're frankly quite surprised none of us on our own noticed the obvious stylistic reference points taken from the Empire's evil foot soldiers. But please, don't take our word for it — feel free to check the photo gallery below for further reference — then talk amongst yourselves. »1/17/07 5:18pm1/17/07 5:18pm

Detroit Auto Show: A Suitable Sports Car? Toyota FT-HS Concept

Somehow, we're finding it really hard to get excited about the Toyota FT-HS hybrid concept, and the press release after the jump isn't helping any. However, if the terms "J-Factor" and "Vibrant Clarity" bust your crank and leave skidmarks on your soul, you can always click through for a mind-numbing discussion of… »1/09/07 11:15am1/09/07 11:15am

2007 Detroit Auto Show: Toyota Unwraps The FT-HS Hybrid Sports Car Concept For Christmas

What a lovely little gift from ToMoCo — did you get us the next-generation Prius? Oh, it's something better — but what could it be? How about a concept sports car, which Toyota plans on revealing at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show next month, which does share one thing in common with the little-hybrid-that-could — it's got… »12/25/06 12:01am12/25/06 12:01am