The Ten Best Front Wheel Drive Cars Ever Made

It is the duty of car enthusiasts to preach the gospel of rear wheel drive, but even Jalopnik readers know some front-drivers can be among the best-handling cars ever made. » 5/01/13 11:02am 5/01/13 11:02am

What’s The Most Overpowered Front-Wheel-Drive Car Ever Made?

Today we saw the Ford Focus TrackSTer from Kentavious D. Blockenfiddle with roughly 500 horsepower going to the front wheels alone. It makes us wonder. » 2/07/13 5:00pm 2/07/13 5:00pm

For $89,995, gain some traction

Today, most cars are front wheel drive, but decades ago, such a feature was revolutionary. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Citroën isn't just a Traction Avant, it's avant-garde. But will you find its price Gaul-ing? » 12/29/11 8:00am 12/29/11 8:00am

What front wheel drive car is the most fun to drive?

Front wheel drive cars are known for a lot of things, but being fun to drive is not one of them. Most car lovers will agree the FWD configuration can't compete with a RWD or AWD car when it comes to driving enjoyment. Having said that, this weekend we want to know what vehicle can provide the most automotive amusement… » 9/10/11 5:00pm 9/10/11 5:00pm

A Brief History Of Front-Wheel Drive

Hugo Becker of BMWBLOG breaks down the history of front-wheel-drive vehicles in the face of a wrong-wheel-drive Bavarian future. — Ed. » 4/07/10 12:30pm 4/07/10 12:30pm

LeMons Torture Test Results: FWD Toyota Celica

You'd think that the front-wheel-drive Celica, with its Toyota build quality and reliable A or S engine, would do pretty well in a punishing endurance race. You'd be wrong! » 1/17/10 10:00pm 1/17/10 10:00pm

Shopping For An 8.2 Liter Engine?

There was a time, maybe a decade ago, when Cadillac Eldorados with high-compression 500-cubic-inch engines were plentiful in self-service junkyards. These days, months can go by between sightings of non-Malaise 500s. As I learned when I helped a friend pull a 500 one sweltering, bloody-knuckled day, the Eldo's… » 4/15/08 2:00pm 4/15/08 2:00pm

Active Toe Control To Improve FWD Handling

Prodrive has developed a system capable of altering the toe angle of a vehicle's rear wheels on the fly. Active Toe Control works with twist beam axles, offering the performance of more expensive multilink rear suspension at less than half the cost. By using a control rod to adjust the angle of the rear wheels… » 3/13/08 12:40pm 3/13/08 12:40pm