China Automobile France Displays Kiff; Looks Like Jeep Hurricane, Not Futurama Character

Pessimists will say China is no place for intellectual property; those people don't know what they're talking about. Take this vehicle displayed by importer China Automobile France. It's called Kiff and it is totally original and looks nothing at all like a half-scale Jeep Hurricane »10/04/08 2:00pm from the 2005 . The "Kiff" is…

Heuliez Raises Bar On Electric Car Weirdness In Paris With "Friendly" Threesome

Meet the Heuliez Friendly, the Heuliez Pondicherry and the Heuliez... uh, Electric Dump Truck Scooter? Okay, we don't know the name of the last one, we just made that up, but all three are cool as hell for pocket sized electric cars. The Friendly contains more standard weirdness than any run of the mill Citroen could… »10/03/08 2:00pm