The 1000 Kilometers Of Palanga Is A Crazy Road Course With Freeway Exits

We have plenty of famous street circuits in racing, but I’ve never seen anything quite like the 1000 km of Palanga. It’s not just a street course. It’s a course made entirely out of a Lithuanian freeway, complete with off-ramps worked into the course design itself. Take a look at this bizarre race.
» 7/18/15 6:32pm 7/18/15 6:32pm

LA Freeway Looks Post-Apocalyptic After Drones Delay Firefighters

Dozens of charred, abandoned cars made for a surreal landscape after a massive wildfire swept across a major Southern California freeway yesterday afternoon. Early this morning officials confirmed that five drones flying over the scene hindered firefighters’ response and caused the fire to jump the freeway. » 7/18/15 2:25pm 7/18/15 2:25pm

Abandoned House Still On LA Freeway's Shoulder

So you got your guys who don't tie down their ladders, boxes, or dinette sets clogging up the freeways with their crap. But what can you say about a man who lost his house on the freeway? And this is no mobile home; it's a small single-family home that Patrick Richardson was trying to move from Santa Monica to Santa… » 9/25/07 2:30pm 9/25/07 2:30pm

Hell Freezes Over! 580 Maze Fixed In 25 Days!

Here's a California joke for you:
Q: What's orange and sleeps eight?
A: A CalTrans truck! (CalTrans = California Dept. of Transportation)
Yes, the Golden State's highway bureaucracy is legendary for glacial slowness of freeway construction and/or repair, and we all laughed until oxygen deprivation set in when we… » 5/25/07 2:30pm 5/25/07 2:30pm

Jalopnik Weekend: How Much Good Could A Good Man Do If A Good Man Could Do Good?

Turns out, lots. Driving home on the Arroyo Seco last night (the portion of the 110 between Pasadena and Highland Park) I began realizing just how much of my life I will soon be spending on the world's first freeway. Inside Line is HQ'd in the People's Republic of Santa Monica, meaning that starting Monday not only… » 2/10/07 9:22pm 2/10/07 9:22pm

Eastbound is Down: Bay Area Traffic Not as Bad as Expected Due to Bridge Deck Closing

For those of you who never did time in the Bay Area, we'll lay it straight out: when the Bay Bridge is closed, the normally bad traffic goes from indigestion to amoebic dysentery. And to demolish the old Western Approach to the hoary gray workhorse (and actually our favorite bridge anywhere (yes, we love you, too, … » 9/03/06 9:00am 9/03/06 9:00am

We Are 138: Angry Motorists Threaten Highway Workers

The pleasantries gone, stripped of all they were (and a passable highway), motorists sick of backups on the 138 north of San Bernardino have begun taking it out on the CalTrans workers tasked with widening the road. They've threatened to run over flagmen, vandalized and moved barricades, and one yob even brandished a… » 7/12/06 7:00pm 7/12/06 7:00pm