2008 Ford Taurus X, Day Four

The Taurus X made us hope for a true alternative to an SUV or a minivan. Something that delivered their functionality without the image problems both other classes of vehicle suffer. Instead, it compromises on ability while carrying over too much height from an SUV and the family-man image of a minivan.

» 1/11/08 12:15pm 1/11/08 12:15pm

2008 Ford Taurus X, Day Three

The Taurus X has an identity problem. By trying to be part station wagon, part SUV and part luxury car. It aims to draw from the best qualities of each, but so far, I'm afraid it might be doing the exact opposite. Take the economy for instance. Ideally, the Taurus X would provide SUV versatility with lower fuel… » 1/10/08 12:00pm 1/10/08 12:00pm

2008 Ford Taurus X, Day Two

Yesterday, we introduced the 2008 Taurus X — which is in Jalopnik's garage for a week — telling you it made us look like dads. Today the big Taurus gets a chance to shine, hauling unwanted doors from Ray's pied-à-terre to his glamorous storage facility in Jersey.

» 1/08/08 12:00pm 1/08/08 12:00pm

2008 Ford Taurus X, Day One

I had high hopes for the 2008 Ford Taurus X. My earliest memories of a car take place in the way back of a 1982 Caprice Classic station wagon. I would sit in the rear-facing seat, waving enthusiastically at whomever happened to be held up by my mom's slow-as-syrup driving. For nearly a decade, the Caprice served as… » 1/07/08 12:30pm 1/07/08 12:30pm

Ford S-Max Spotted on the Mean Steets of Detroit

After being berated for the crappy quality of my pictures here, and here, and many other times, I've decided to upgrade to a Lumix FZ18 from the three year old Exilim that had horrible fading, limited dynamic range, and no optical zoom. The ironic part is that though this new piece of kit takes gorgeous pictures, the… » 12/03/07 9:30am 12/03/07 9:30am

Car And Driver Learns About Watermarks

Aww, that's just adorable. Car and Driver added their "watermark" to one of their photos. Our little baby's becoming all grown up and stuff. » 2/07/07 12:12pm 2/07/07 12:12pm

Spy Photos: Ford Fairlane Mule Spotted?

Paukert the Exclaimer, in collaboration with Bothan spies, has uncovered photographs of what's believed to be a development mule of the new Ford Fairlane. And okay, fine, it's a mule, there's preproduction, subterfuge and whatnot, but it appears to lack the pizzazz of the really-quite-cool concept Fairlane. Or it … » 1/29/07 3:45pm 1/29/07 3:45pm

Spy Photos: Mercury "Monticello"

Car buyers looking for a largish, wagon-like crossover SUV-ute may soon be able to put Mercury on their lists. Paukert and his merry pranksters at Winding Road caught what they believe is a test prototype of Mercury's version of the not-at-all-discontinued Ford Freestyle, as it ambled along some midwestern stretch of… » 10/19/06 2:58pm 10/19/06 2:58pm

How Many Drinks Was That? Jalopnik Detroit Editor Takes A…

This is what happens when you agree to go on the air sick as a dog and hungover. That's right — nevermind the "crazy eyes" of past performances — instead, you get the "close your eyes and pretend to sleep" thing Wert's got going on. So despite actually saying something this time (Wert's been coached very well by… » 8/30/06 10:45am 8/30/06 10:45am

Artist's Rendering: 2008 Ford Freestyle

We're not sure we're okay with the new trend toward calling artists' renderings of upcoming vehicles "spy shots." Considering these fakes run the gamut from Baby's First Photoshop to elaborate sketches culled from spies' eyewitness accounts (a la Germany's AutoBild), their precision can be as ill-documented as White… » 2/23/06 9:49am 2/23/06 9:49am

Betting the Farm: Ford's Post-Minivan Play will Be Monday Announcement

Ford's got an announcement to make. (No, you'll have to wait until this coming Monday to hear it from the Boss's mouth.) But press outlets are already reporting that company will divulge its upcoming minivan stratagy, which, according to USA Today, involves flight from the minivan segment altogether, leaving plant… » 1/20/06 8:41am 1/20/06 8:41am

Hoon of the Day: Big Wheels Keep on Freestyling

Today's Hoons — most literally hoons, seeing as they're from down under — prove the fine line between stupidity and genius rests on a few, well-executed 360s (or 720s, as the case may be). Put another way, these downhill racers, whose motor skills are far more developed than those of their chosen vehicle's target… » 11/08/05 1:09pm 11/08/05 1:09pm

Ford to Drop Current Freestyle After 2007; New Product Plan Emerges

Ford, in re-examining its future line of crossover SUVs and minivans — recasting the lot of them as "people movers — confirmed plans to discontinue the current-model Freestyle after 2007. The poorly selling crosso-wagon-ute, apparently obsolete in Ford's paddock before it was introduced, will be dropped to make way… » 7/18/05 1:18pm 7/18/05 1:18pm