How Many Drinks Was That? Jalopnik Detroit Editor Takes A Ford-Sponsored Divorce-Courtin' Commercial Break

This is what happens when you agree to go on the air sick as a dog and hungover. That's right — nevermind the "crazy eyes" of past performances — instead, you get the "close your eyes and pretend to sleep" thing Wert's got going on. So despite actually saying something this time (Wert's been coached very well by… »8/30/06 10:45am8/30/06 10:45am

Betting the Farm: Ford's Post-Minivan Play will Be Monday Announcement

Ford's got an announcement to make. (No, you'll have to wait until this coming Monday to hear it from the Boss's mouth.) But press outlets are already reporting that company will divulge its upcoming minivan stratagy, which, according to USA Today, involves flight from the minivan segment altogether, leaving plant… »1/20/06 8:41am1/20/06 8:41am

Ford to Drop Current Freestyle After 2007; New Product Plan Emerges

Ford, in re-examining its future line of crossover SUVs and minivans — recasting the lot of them as "people movers — confirmed plans to discontinue the current-model Freestyle after 2007. The poorly selling crosso-wagon-ute, apparently obsolete in Ford's paddock before it was introduced, will be dropped to make way… »7/18/05 1:18pm7/18/05 1:18pm