Detroit Free Press accidentally prints great headline

Congrats to my former colleagues at the Detroit Free Press for embracing the opportunities of printed pages to write headlines whose real meanings emerge with a crease or two, like a newsy Mad Magazine Fold-In. Keep up the shift-talking! » 9/27/11 12:30pm 9/27/11 12:30pm

A World Without Detroit Newspaper Auto Coverage?

Today's the first without home delivery of Detroit's two daily newspapers. Think you won't be getting auto news ever again? Wrong! If you haven't seen their online auto sections, maybe now's the time. [Freep, DetroitNews]
» 3/30/09 3:35pm 3/30/09 3:35pm

Worst Survey Ever: Freep Runs Poll On US Auto Ownership With Dubious…

So the Detroit Free Press (and local TV station, WDIV) polled 800 Michigan residents about what kind of cars they own. The results were that 45 percent own GM products, 39 percent own a Ford, 22 percent own something from Chrysler, and 15 percent own a foreign car. Yeah, that's 111 121 percent. Here's the explanation… » 7/26/06 2:45pm 7/26/06 2:45pm

The People Have Spoken, Rick: Michiganders Favor GM-Renault-Nissan…

Glad we got that settled — because what's good for Michigan, is good for General Motors...or something like that. But wait, the Freep's not done just yet. We were lucky enough to get advance copy of the Freep's next set of polls: » 7/13/06 8:37pm 7/13/06 8:37pm