Discovery Concept Is A Trick To Make Us Accept A Land Rover Crossover

Land Rover put on a hell of a show unveiling the Discovery Vision Concept, raising us up a jet elevator on the USS Intrepid to bask in the SUV's glory. But after a closer look, I have to say I won't be holding my breath for its coolest features to see production any time soon. » 4/14/14 11:25pm Monday 11:25pm

Is This Spied Test Mule A New Land Rover... Or The Jaguar SUV?

This camo'ed SUV sure looks like a Land Rover, you can even make out an LR badge blacked out in the centercaps. But rumors are circulating that test mules for the new Jaguar SUV are running 'round in Rover skins, and that might be what we're actually looking at. » 3/24/14 11:14am 3/24/14 11:14am

Spy Photos: Even More on the Land Rover Freelander

There's not a whole lot we haven't seen of the next-generation Land Rover Freelander, ahead of its launch at the Paris show later this year. A new set of spy shots on World Car Fans confirm little more than that the new little Landy wears a coat during cold weather testing. Still, spies have gathered rumors that there… » 3/13/06 10:52am 3/13/06 10:52am

Spy Photos: Still More on the New Freelander

Were Land Rovers flukey vehicles in the past? Sure, the original Land Rover was one of the more important vehicles in history, especially for Marlon Perkins types. And the Range Rover was the signature vehicle of the landed gentry on country holiday. But with the new RR and the LR3 developed under the guidance of BMW… » 11/14/05 12:27pm 11/14/05 12:27pm

Spy Photos: More on the New Land Rover Freelander

Under Ford's tutelage, Land Rover may finally have its maddening execution problem licked once and for all. For example, the original Freelander was a good idea, and had a decent enough design, but the unspeakable execution of it was redeemed only by a generous warrantee program and a large-enough pool of gullible… » 10/18/05 10:29am 10/18/05 10:29am