Free Car Rentals for Frenchies! (Kind Of)

Imagine New York City, still with all of the cabs — but minus the cab drivers — and you were free to take one on a joy ride of your own. That is the anarchic system the mayor of Paris is suggesting for the French city. Voiturelib' is its name (literally "free car"). And like the classic Ami 6, it's a bit wacky. » 1/07/08 4:15pm 1/07/08 4:15pm

Hindenberg Anyone? GM Offers Free Fuel-Cell Cars to Consumers

Once again taking the free sample approach, the company that killed the electric car has decided to give 1,000 drivers the chance to drive the hydrogen-powered Equinox SUV's for three months. The company will also offer free hydrogen services (because who has hydrogen lying around the house?). The catch, other than… » 11/01/07 5:45pm 11/01/07 5:45pm

Allstate Giving Away 20,000 Gallons Of Free Gas In Warren, MI Today!

Allstate's rewarding the city of Warren, MI for its improvement in their national ranking of safe drivers with 20,000 gallons of free gas — to be handed out today in ten gallon fill-ups to any and all comers. The insurance company studied the driving records of residents of cities across 'merica and found Warren… » 6/14/07 9:45am 6/14/07 9:45am

Keith Crain Opens Gates, Lets Peons In: Automotive News Free For The…

The usually subscriber-only daily auto rag from the behemoth that is Crain Communications — the maker of such delightful reads as AdvertisingAge, TelevisionWeek, AutoWeek and the always fun Tire Business — has opened the doors to you, the everyman (or woman), for the rest of this week only. That's right, it's a… » 12/05/06 1:34pm 12/05/06 1:34pm