$300,000 Ferrari FF catches fire during test drive

There's been some debate as to whether the three-door, AWD Ferrari FF hatchback was a proper Ferrari. The debate is over. One of the $300,000 cars caught fire and burned to the ground during a test drive. Yup, it's definitely a real Ferrari! UPDATE! » 11/04/11 10:00am 11/04/11 10:00am

A fitter, happier, more productive Porsche 911 GT2 RS

It's grating when tuners warp the clean Porsche 911 lines into something an angsty pubescent teen with a Sharpie might dream up on the back of a spiral notebook, but since that's a decent description of the stock 911 GT2 RS I'm not bothered by the GT2-based TechArt GT Street RS. This is the company's second attempt » 9/15/11 12:30pm 9/15/11 12:30pm at …

Down on the Street...in Tokyo: The Chevy MW Is The Opel Agila

As we continue to clean out our CompactFlash cards, we've found another piece of metal from the Tokyo streets. Here's the perfect example of a city car produced by the General that they just don't build or sell over in this here part of the globe. This five-door 'merican Revolution is the Chevy MW, and it's a re-badged … » 11/05/07 9:45am 11/05/07 9:45am

Frankfurt Auto Show: Jalopnik Bin Ein Frankfurter

» 9/13/07 11:59pm 9/13/07 11:59pm

We've got all the coverage you could ever want for the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show, so keep your eyes paperclipped wide open from now until the last car reveal on Wednesday as we'll be bringing you the hot German action live from Frankfurt. You can either hit refresh every few minutes on our Frankfurt Auto Show tag page … » 9/13/07 11:59pm 9/13/07 11:59pm

Frankfurt Auto Show: Porsche GT2 Roundup

From the can't get nearly enough of the Porsche GT2 department comes these shots from the Frankfurt floor. Yes, we have posted the spy photos and brochure. And yes, we've even unearthed a video of the widowmaker. Alas, we have yet to find a good frankfurter mit mustard here in Frankfurt. Specifications and press… » 9/13/07 10:15am 9/13/07 10:15am

Frankfurt Auto Show: And Now For Something Entirely...The Same

And now, time for something that's got nothing to do with the Frankfurt Auto Show — today's episode of Fast Lane Daily! Let's see — today's episode is about...umm...crap. Oh well, we already wrote the post. Also, will someone please tell "Derick D" if the comment button's in his pants, then we got nothing to say. » 9/11/07 6:30pm 9/11/07 6:30pm

Frankfurt Auto Show: Audi RS6 Avant in White

While we knew the Audi Audi RS6 Avant was coming, we had no idea Bryan Adams was going to belt out an acoustic rendition of Run to You after the cover was pulled on the V10 twin-turbo wagon. As the rest of the presentation was in German the details are still hazy. We do know the world needs more hopped up sportwagons… » 9/11/07 11:30am 9/11/07 11:30am

Frankfurt Auto Show: Opel Flextreme Concept Stores Segways In Its Rear …

So there are now officially two cool things about the Opel Flextreme concept car revealed here at the Frankfurt Auto Show last night. The first would have to be the fact that the concept's a diesel-electric hybrid — and we heart the idea of mating the two fuel efficiencies together. The second is that the… » 9/11/07 11:15am 9/11/07 11:15am