Listen To An Egyptian Army Band Hilariously Butcher The French National Anthem

All countries have great national past times. For America, it’s baseball. For England, it’s soccer. For Egypt, it’s making world leaders sit there and listen while their national anthems are completely massacred by the Egyptian national army band. Here’s what I think is supposed to be La Marseillaise, the national…

Rafale And Typhoon Fighters Descend On U.S. For Inaugural Anti-Access Exercise 

The French Air Force and Royal Air Force have sent their finest equipment and crews to Langley AFB in Virginia to take part in an inaugural exercise, dubbed simply “Trilateral Exercise,” alongside the 1st Fighter Wing’s F-22 Raptors. This international air combat force will focus on integrated training for taking on…

New Video Of F-14 Tomcat Escorts And Cruise Missiles As Russia Steps Up Syria Offensive

New video is emerging of Russia’s heavy bomber sorties and naval cruise missile strikes against targets in Syria. This includes some pretty amazing bomb and cruise missile drop sequences and footage showing the bombers’ fighter escorts, which included Iranian F-14A Tomcats and Russian Su-30SM Flankers.

France Strikes Back, Launches A Swarm Of Strikes At The Heart Of ISIS

Twelve French aircraft, ten of which were fighters, dropped 20 munitions on the de-facto ISIS capital of Raqqa in Syria today. This appears to be France’s opening reprisal on ISIS for the terror attacks in Paris on Friday night. The AP reports ISIS targets hit include command and control centers, recruitment center, a…