Why China Is Building The World's Largest "Coast Guard" Cutter

The idea of a Coast Guard is one that has blurred in recent decades, with US Coast Guard vessels serving as far away from home as the Persian Gulf on a regular basis. Still, the Chinese Coast Guard's upcoming 10,000 plus ton super high-endurance cutters are clearly another sign of the country's extra-territorial… »1/06/15 5:04pm1/06/15 5:04pm


The V-22 Osprey Finally Gets The Missiles And Rockets It Needs

The Osprey has always lacked firepower in its forward hemisphere. Beyond its ramp-mounted gun, various concepts have been tested and fielded in an attempt to provide fire towards where the aircraft is headed, not just where it has been. This issue is compounded by the fact that the Osprey outruns traditional… »12/09/14 1:10pm12/09/14 1:10pm

China And Russia Team Up To Build World's Largest, Most Powerful Chopper

Currently, the largest and most powerful helicopter to have ever entered production is the gargantuan Mi-26 'Halo' of Russian origin, of which many still serve in governmental and commercial roles around the globe. After decades of the 'Halo' being on top, a new record holder is now said to be on the way, with Russia… »11/21/14 7:09pm11/21/14 7:09pm

50 Totally Stunning Combat Aircraft Photos Taken Around Alaska

Wildlife is not the only thing that enjoys the vast empty expanses of America's northern-most state. There is so much room to train over Alaska's fully outfitted air combat ranges that there is really no other place in the world quite like it for military aircrews and weapons and tactics testers to push their hardware… »11/19/14 3:43pm11/19/14 3:43pm

The U.S. Special Forces' New Kick Ass Battle Wagon Fits In An Osprey

So Special Operations Command needs a new compact off road fighting vehicle that can transform into different configurations depending on the mission, oh and it has to be transportable by V-22 Ospreys, H-47 Chinooks and H-53 Super Stallions. No problem, the General Dynamics Flyer is ready for flight and for a fight. »10/16/14 12:40pm10/16/14 12:40pm

Why The USAF's Massive $10 Billion Global Hawk UAV Is Worth The Money

From Foxtrot Alpha: The Global Hawk has been flying for close to 15 years, and its development has been a twisting road filled with dead ends and wandering requirements. After over $10B spent and almost 50 airframes produced I ventured to Edwards AFB to get a rare close up look at what we actually paid for. »9/09/14 1:17pm9/09/14 1:17pm

This Amazing Jet Will Transport Ebola Victims From Africa To The U.S.

From Foxtrot Alpha: How do you pack two patients that are infected with one of the world's deadliest viruses into a pressurized aluminum tube that is filled with healthy care takers and pilots for 12 hours and not get almost everyone infected in the process? You use this old ex-Royal Danish Air Force Gulfstream III… »8/01/14 8:09am8/01/14 8:09am

Why The US Navy Should Build Smaller Aircraft Carriers

From Foxtrot Alpha: The aircraft carrier inventory question has always been up for debate, but it has largely centered on the number of hulls and not the physical size of each carrier. In an age of shrinking defense budgets, smaller wars, and the Pacific Pivot, the U.S. should ditch its supercarrier-only policy and… »7/09/14 1:21pm7/09/14 1:21pm

The First Submarine Attack Happened During The Revolutionary War

From FoxtrotAlpha: At 11pm on September 6th, 1776, Sargent Ezra Lee began cranking away on a lever that propelled the tiny submersible that he sat inside of. His goal was to make his way to the British Flagship HMS Eagle and attach a crude explosive charge to it, then make haste (at 2mph) safely out of the area. »7/05/14 1:35pm7/05/14 1:35pm

Helmet Cam Shows What It's Like To Launch A Jet From A Carrier Deck

From Foxtrot Alpha: The ultimate pit crew? Maybe, as the Slot Check is the last chance deck handlers and an aircraft's crew have to catch something wrong before the plane is hurtled off the deck by a steam powered piston at 200 mph. Check out what it looks like in first person in the amazing video below: »6/16/14 4:33pm6/16/14 4:33pm

Is This Japan's Secret Stealth Fighter?

The following image, which is sourced from David Cenciotti of The Aviationist (in turn claimed to be from "Chinese Internet," the catchall usual suspects of anonymous aero-defense news) purports to be a manned flying prototype of the Mitsubishi ATD-X, a stealth demonstrator leading the way for Japan's effort to build… »6/15/14 3:06pm6/15/14 3:06pm